Lagoon 42 will be presented for a fourth consecutive year at the Dusseldorf boat show

The sailing catamaran Lagoon 42 will be presented for a fourth consecutive year at the Dusseldorf boat show. The fact that there are already over 800 yachts sold speaks for itself for the success of the model.

The thing is that Lagoon catamarans were never famous with any dramatic achievements for speed under sails or decent climbing angle against the wind. This is even more valid for fully equipped heavy charter modifications. The weight for multihulls is a total speed killer. That said, with the good choice of additional sails even with 6-8 knots of close reach wind and gennaker or code 0. The construction is sturdy and stable, even with waves on broad side the bow does not dig under the waves. The connection between the hulls solid and elastic in a sense it absorbs the twists. For a few seasons only few cracks on the gelcoat can be noticed in spots that take a lot of force. The gelcoat lacks the balsa sandwich ability beneath to absorb forces but this is not a problem at all. The boat is very easy to navigate. It has excellent visibility and maneurablility in narrow areas. Slightly rounded transom help a lot to sneak in easily between two boats in any packed Greek marina during the summer. Instead of staying at anchor and move with the dinghy all the time you could stay in the middle of nightlife in picturesque greek old town harbours on the islands. The big mainsail and the bimini cause slight disbalance during sailing. The catamaran always tend to turn leeward so the autopilot always have to turn to compensate that move. However if sailing and using the leeward engine  with minimum consumption the catamaran can reach 9 knots on halfwind. The new davits used in Lagoon 42 and Lagoon 46 provoke mixed feeling. Definitely it is very comfortable but causes lots of troubles in bad weather and hides a number of risk if the crew does not pay enough attention when working with it. If you could choose, I would prefer the classic type of davits.

The common impreassion is that Lagoon 42 is vet well-made boat, stable and not too expensive t maintain. The important parts are made seaworthy and experienced skipper can feel the decades of experience in multihulls of the French producer. It is not a coincidence that Lagoons are preferred brand catamarans for crossing Atlantic in the ARC race for amateurs. Bad impression cause small inexpensive things that the producer choose to mount cheapest version on order to save few coppers. At the same time almost all defects for elements under warranty are ignored by the producer. Often the buyer is asked to pay the difference in the price between the ordering list price and the list price at the time of the delivery. I would definitely give very low points to Lagoon for sale and post sale maintenance if it was not for the Bulgarian Lagoon dealer who was able to help me to sort half of the issues with the factory. Overall it is a decent service. Probably Lagoon 42 is the perfect catamaran to cruise the Greek islands with amateur crew. Eleven weeks for the coming summer are already sold out from last December. All charter bookings made during the Dusseldorf show from 18.01 to 26.01 will have 10% further discount.